Ronald W. Wood


The Ron Wood Family Resource Center, founded in April 1995, was originally called the “Ron Wood Project.” Ron Wood was a respected and compassionate juvenile justice professional who – through his dedicated years of service – touched the lives of many troubled youth and their families.

When Ron was tragically and prematurely struck with a terminal disease, he fought this illness with faith, determination and courage – while continuing his devotion to his family, friends and career. He will long be remembered and appreciated both on a professional and personal level.

Ron’s spirit will continue to live on through the many lives he touched. It was Ron’s dream to establish a truancy Center; however, as time evolved, it became clear truancy is usually a symptom of a much bigger problem. One year later, the “project” evolved into a family resource Center.

The Ron Wood Family Resource Center is regulated and partially funded by NRS 430A. In collaboration with local businesses, community-based organizations and government agencies, we’re able to provide a range of services to assist families in the Carson City community and beyond.

The Ron Wood Family Resource Center was created through a combination of community efforts. Because of Ron Wood’s vision and local collaborators, the Center grew into a comprehensive source of education and information for families to obtain services in Carson City and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to create a lasting, community-wide cooperative effort between the private sector and governmental agencies to promote healthy family relationships through education and support services.

Nearly two dozen Center programs operate under 15 grants and private donations. The Center also provides 8,000-9,000 units of service to the local community each month.

There is no wait time for services – social workers and family advocates are available for emergency assistance, information, referrals and support services. We also have bilingual individuals proficient in Spanish and English.